Car Club General Liability Insurance

Liability coverage for operations and events that are part of the club such as: business or social meetings, breakfast/lunch/dinner meetings including host liquor liability, sponsored excursions (weekend cruising event, overnight excursion, organized attendance to public function such as sporting events, cultural events, tours, etc.), holiday socials or picnics (members and guests, not a fund raiser), parade participation other than sponsorship, caravans, car rallies, cruising, fund raisers (own or for charity) and public events with less than 1,000 participants/spectators.

  • Year-round general liability coverage for your club, its members and those acting on their behalf against third party claims. Additional directors and officers liability coverage also available.
  • All Event Coverage All of your shows, cruise-ins, picnics and meetings are covered under one policy
  • All the Protection You Need Up to $3 million in aggregate liability coverage per year. Up to $1 million per occurrence. Adaptable Coverage If your club rents space and needs to list an additional insured.
  • *This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements. Some coverage may not be available in all states. Club should be registered at the state level as a not for profit. 
  1. What does the Club GL Policy cover?
    1. Third party bodily injury and property damage at static car shows, cruise-ins, social gatherings, etc. put on by the club.
  1. Does the GL policy cover club members if they are injured at an event?
    1. No, the policy only covers injuries to spectators if the club is found liable for injury. If a club member is injured then they would use their own medical/health insurance.
  1. What are some GL claims scenarios?
    1. A club is hosting a car show and are setting up a tent, a club member fails to properly weight down the tent and a gust of wind blows it into the face of a spectator causing bodily injury. This would be a covered cause of loss.
    2. Same scenario as above but the tent blows into window of the coffee shop where the car show is being held and causes damage, this would be covered.
    3. If the club is having a holiday party at a local venue and accidentally burns the place to the ground, this would be covered.
  1. Are vendors covered on the club GL policy?
    1. No, any vendors that the club is using at their car shows should have their own insurance and should be listing the club as additionally insured on their policy.
  1. Are golf carts covered on the GL policy?
    1. There is no property coverage provided on our policy for car clubs however, there is liability coverage afforded under Mobile Equipment.
  1. Are bounce houses covered under the GL policy?
    1. No, the insured would want to look into getting separate coverage if they intend to have a club owned bounce house at an event they are putting on. Otherwise, the rental company would be responsible for the insurance.
  1. Are Drones covered on the GL Policy?
    1. No, unmanned aircraft are specifically excluded on our policy with Markel.

Sample Pricing and Liability Limits

Number of Active Members



Up to 200



201 to 500



501 to 750




Click here to download and complete the Car Club Liability application car-club-application


Motorsport Event- Racing, cars moving. Send an email requesting the appropriate form for which you are seeking event coverage for.

Tell us a little bit about your event, Car show with no racing or cars moving (static)? Or a motorsports racing event or exhibition?

  • General Liability for static (No cars move) car club events: Car Club Application
  • Single-event car club track event: Road Course Users Insurance Application
  • General Liability + track events (4 or less total track events): Independent Car Club Application & Road Course Users Insurance Application
  • General Liability + track events (5 or more total track events): Independent Car Club Application & Special Event Questionnaire-Motorsports

For the the non static (wheels in motion) try K&K Insurance here

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