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Collector car insurance on average is 40% less than standard vehicle coverage for daily drivers.  Click below to get a quote.

To be eligible for collector car insurance, applicants must;

  • maintain daily use vehicle insurance in their own names.
  • the number of daily use vehicles is equal to or greater than the number of household drivers minus one.

If you are currently with any of our nationwide insurance carriers below, we still want to hear from you.  You may be over insured, or under insured. Visit with real collector car enthusiasts about your passion. Your passion really is our passion! Click the submission button above.



  • All years, $3,500 minimum insured value.
  • Even collector vehicles from the ’80s, ’90s and beyond – even to present day.**


  • 15 years or older, $3,500 minimum insured value.


  • 1996 or older, $2,000 minimum insured value.
    Applicants and operators must be 26 or older.


  • All years, $3,500 minimum insured value.
    Coverage available for street usage and in the paddock.


  • Garages/Barns/Pole Buildings/ Rental Storages.
  • Carport/Driveway storage (in most areas).*


  • Pleasure driving, hobby-related events (like car shows) and seasonal commuting up to 5 months annually.**
  • Up to 7,500 miles a year for vehicles 1989 and older.
  • Up to 5,000 miles a year for vehicles 1990 and newer.

**See complete guidelines for more details

Ineligible vehicles with these modifications

  • Functional Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS). Limited coverage available in transit and in the paddock.
  • 26”+ rims.
  • Motorcycles with modifications to the engine for the purpose of increasing performance including Superchargers and Turbos.
  • Structurally modified motorcycles, trikes and choppers unless they are 1975 or older and have a value of $7,500 or higher.

Ineligible storage

  • Storage assembled from canvas or plastic (i.e. tents or domes).
  • Street parking/Parking lots/ Public parking garages.

Ineligible usage

  • Daily driving.
  • Off-road use. Acceptable: off- road usage on well-defined two tracks and seasonal roads.
  • Business or commercial purposes.

Ineligible driving records

  • Major driving violations including, alcohol related offenses, reckless driving or excessive speeding. Or numerous minor violations or accidents.


Specialty and everyday insurance policies differ greatly when it comes to vehicle value and compensation in the event of a loss. There are three ways auto insurance companies pay out claims:

Actual Cash Value: Most everyday insurers offer actual cash value policies. This is what an insurance adjuster says a car is worth, usually based on used car values – not the classic car market. So if a collector car is stolen or declared a total loss after an accident, it’s unlikely you’ll be compensated for its true value.

Stated Value: Many everyday insurers offer stated value policies for collector cars, allowing clients to set their own values. But here’s the problem: the insurer only has to pay up to the stated value, and in fact is allowed to pay the lesser of the stated value or the actual cash value, less any deductible.

Agreed Value or Guaranteed Value® Most specialty insurers offer agreed value or Guaranteed Value®, which means you and the insurance company agree on a value for your car. If there’s a covered total loss, you’ll receive that full value, less any deductible.* The best companies don’t require appraisals, and rely on their expertise and your opinion to determine an accurate value for a vehicle.

view our return policy-Return Policy for Items Purchased in our Store: Returns are not accepted however if a package arrives damaged and is the fault of the shipper, a claim will be created with the shipper for a refund. Once the claim is processed and Octane Road, LLC is paid, Octane Road will reship a replacement product or refund your purchase.