1988 Dodge Shadow CSX-T #445


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One year after the CSX launch, one thousand 1988 CSX-Ts were built for Thrifty Car Rental. They kept the stock Turbo I engine for durability. The differences from the previous year were 15×6.5 Shelby wheels, and the colors were mainly white with blue and silver trim. (Jon wrote that the CSX-T had white wheel inserts, not black). [High Performance Mopar, the predecessor of Mopar Action, took one out to the streetlight races, and outran V8 and V6 muscle cars with the CSX-T.] *Source Allpar.com
Car #445 Price $10,500
New paint, tires, etc. #445 car. Invoice 05-534 VIN # 222261. Federal emissions. Transported on 5/19/1988 to Thrifty agency in Portland Oregon. It was one of 10 cars shipped to that agency. # 445, 634, 635, 654, 655, 656, 657,658, 659, 660. Not surprisingly, another batch of about equal # of cars were shipped to nearby Seattle, WA. on same day. Spent its life in the Pacific NW of the United States (Utah). Came to Minnesota in 2019 Rebuilt 2.5 engine by previous owner including extensive head work. Motor has approx 2,000 miles since rebuild. Car has about 150kmiles on the body. In 2020 the car received, a Garrett Turbo TB03 TII with a 2.5 Swing valve – FWD Performance” and the rebuilder was “A1 Turbo” in CA Braided oil lines along with a bolt-in Mopar intercooler/radiator New Hankook Concept 2 tires New clutch and front struts. See the bog post at jakesgeneralstore.com for info on these cars. 'Rent-A-Rocket"

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