Collector Car Insurance: Why the hype Jake? 

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Collector Car Insurance: Why the hype Jake?  Insurance products come and go for consumers. For decades collector car insurance products have evolved in a good way as the collector car hobby has grown. There was a need for better, more specific coverage for collector cars.   At first, most major insurers would not even cover a Ford Model T for liability on the street. Now there are several carriers offering that coverage.  Then the battle ensued over valuation in the event a total loss came into play. The collector car insurance industry responded with Agreed Upon Coverage and Stated Coverage. These two terms are very different, so get educated before you sign up for one or the other. Bottom line is collector car insurance is as much as 40% cheaper than your mainstream auto insurers. For auto enthusiasts, including late model cars, tuners, modern muscle etc., collector car insurance makes owning one, or multiple cars, far less expensive. The policies MUST be structured properly. That is where I can help. Learn more at

In 2004 I opened my first general insurance agency in Minnesota. At the height of my insurance career, I managed a commercial property & casualty insurance territory serving the franchise automotive industry. In 2020, after becoming frustrated with the collector car insurance market, I launched Octane Road Insurance Brokerage to help my fellow hobbyists understand what’s what.   Octane Road offers collector car insurance in all 50 states! Octane Road Insurance Brokerage understands the collector car insurance marketplace and is appointed with only top tier insurance carriers like JC Taylor, American Collectors and Hagerty.  Talking to an in-house customer service employee in a call center at one of the insurance carriers may not get you the most non-bias advice.  Based on my experience I know very few in-house representatives are experienced automotive hobbyists. I am a life long car guy and an insurance agent.  As your agent I MUST look out for your best interest, which is why I am a broker/agent vs a direct agent. Contact me at to get non bias advice without having to explain why your Mustang II front end under your street rod is more safe than the OEM design. Feel free use the quote form here COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE . – Jake

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