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Many hobbyists enjoy creating contrast by restoring collector cars.  I am one who truly enjoys finding, at times extracting, collector cars, and then restoring them. This process often times takes years to start on the project, and then additional years to complete the restoration. While the car is not on the road, needing liability insurance coverage, I still want to ensure my project car is protected should it get stolen from storage, or loosing the car to a total loss peril, i.e. fire, tornado etc.

Thankfully collector car insurance carriers offer project car coverage without the need to buy on-the-road liability. This often times cuts the premium in half. A vehicle cannot cause damage to another person, or property if it is not on the road.

Check out this Pro-Tip here for details on my ’69 Plymouth GTX I keep insurance coverage on even thought it is not on the road.  Before  you know it, a project can get $50-$60k tied up in parts and other costs.

Link to the restoration at my personal collector car restoration blog.

To kick things off to get the right coverage on your project cars click and complete the submission form here at

Collector Car Insurance

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