Octane Road is a web platform for collector car enthusiasts to find local car shows in their area by utilizing a map of the United States. Users are encouraged to upload their car shows, or car shows they know about, to support the hobby.

Octane Road also provides a Collector Car Classifieds marketplace for users to list their collector cars for sale, and to find the collector car of their dreams.

Lastly, Octane Road offers collector car insurance in all 50 states! Octane Road Insurance Brokerage understands the collector car insurance market place and is appointed with only top tier insurance carriers.

Octane Road was founded by Jake Mayne. In 2004 Jake started his first General Insurance Agency in Minnesota. At the height of his insurance career he managed a $4.2MM revenue generating property & casualty insurance territory solely for the franchise automobile industry.

BIO: Jake  grew up a Midwestern farm kid and has been a lifelong car guy. To date he has no fear of bathing in 80/90 weight gear oil, and never misses his tetanus shot. Claim to fame is winning several face-to-face turf battles with snakes, families of mice, and swarms of bees while evicting them from their homes in old cars. Jake is active in the car show scene in the Twin Cities and is a member of several car clubs.

Jake’s automotive restoration hobby website and blog is www.jakesgeneralstore.com.

view our return policy-Return Policy for Items Purchased in our Store: Returns are not accepted however if a package arrives damaged and is the fault of the shipper, a claim will be created with the shipper for a refund. Once the claim is processed and Octane Road, LLC is paid, Octane Road will reship a replacement product or refund your purchase.